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Dumas / Kjeldahl Digestion & Distillation, etc
World Leader in Planar Chromatography

NDA 701 Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer

The perfect solution to maximize your productivity
NDA 701 Dumas elemental analyzer is the best solution for high throughput lab looking for a fast and safe analyzer.
The NDA 701 is powered by the DUMASoftTM software and produces N/Protein results in just 3 to 4 minutes totally unsupervised and cloud-enabled.
NDA 701 is dramatically faster, easier, and safer than a traditional Kjeldahl system.
The NDA 701 is a safe analyzer that does not require aggressive chemicals or time-consuming analysis steps, just prepare your sample and walk away!

Automatic Digestion Units

Sample preparation is a crucial part of the Kjeldahl analysis in order to obtain accurate and precise results. With the DKL series of digesters, manual operations have been drastically reduced: lowering and lifting of the samples takes place fully automatically, as well as the separation between the test tubes and the suction cup.
You just need to weigh your sample, add the reagents and catalysts and select the method.
DKL 8 (8 positions for 250 ml test tubes, Ø 42 mm)
DKL 12 (12 positions for both 250 and 400 ml test tubes, Ø 42 mm)
DKL 20 (20 positions for both 250 and 400 ml test tubes, Ø 42 mm)
DKL 42/26 (42 positions for 100 ml test tubes, Ø 26 mm)

Automatic Distillation and Titration

UDK 169 Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer with AutoKjel Autosampler
The completely automatic Kjeldahl distillation and titration system offer great performance and the maximum in terms of safety for the user.
Automatic addition of all the reagents involved with low level warning, simplifies the routine activity whilst the possibility to set the steam output from 10% to 100% enlarges the application range of UDK 169. Automatically the unit will perform distillation and titration.
The possibility to set the steam output from 10% to 100% makes the instrument highly recommended for a wide range of applications, including the most specific, which require special parameters. UDK 169 is ideal for reliable determination of ammoniacal nitrogen, protein nitrogen (Kjeldahl), nitric nitrogen (after reduction/devarda), phenols, volatile acids, cyanides and alcohol content.
At the end of the analysis, all the residues can be aspirated automatically, both for distillation and titration.

FIWE Advance Automatic Fiber Analyzer

Fully Automatic Crude and Detergent Fiber
Accurate and reproducible results are what a scientist of the animal feed industry needs for fiber determinations to meet the requirements of product labeling and quality control.
The FIWE Advance automates digestion, washing and filtration steps guaranteeing consistency for Crude Fiber with Weende Method and Detergent Fiber for fiber fraction with Van Soest Method NDF, ADF and ADL.

SER 158 Series Automatic Solvent Extractor

Fast and accurate solid-liquid extraction
The SER 158 Series automatic solvent extractors in 3 and 6 positions are the accurate and precise solution for quantitative and qualitative extractable matter determination according to Randall method, analyzing up to 5 times faster than traditional Soxhlet.
The solid-liquid extraction process removes the soluble components from solids using a liquid solvent in 5 steps. The SER 158 works in accordance with international standards such as AOAC, ISO, EPA, APHA, UNI.
Safe and powerful heating combined with advanced software and security processes guarantee reproducible extraction processes.
SER 158 is fully automated to maximize productivity and free operator time. Just Load & Go!