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Flame Photometer Range

Model 360 Flame Photometer

The estimation of the Alkali metals by Flame Photometry (e.g. Sodium determination in Foods, Sodium and Potassium determination in Cement), is by far the most important application of Flame Photometers in routine chemical analysis. For this widespread requirement, low temperature Flame Photometers still provide the most reliable and convenient procedure available. Flame Photometry also has considerable appeal in the clinical chemistry field as it provides a rapid and reliable means of estimating Sodium, Potassium and Lithium in body fluids. The methodologies of such analyses are well known and established.
Five element (Na, K, Li, Ca, Ba) Single channel Flame Photometer Ergonomic design with front loading, unobstructed sample work area, with removable tray for easy cleaning With ease of use resulting from auto ignition and flame optimisation.
Peak picker for presenting unambiguous readings and selected filter indicator Safety features including fail safe flame detection and shut off High sensitivity with fine manual control of air, and stable flame design And ease of maintenance and storage Separate pneumatic and electronic pods Small footprint (20 x 30cm) Easy to remove and clean filter stick