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Laboratory Items (Heidolph)

Rotary Evaporators


An operating concept that is focused on the essentials: clear and with access to the basic parameters rotation speed and heating bath temperature at any time.

Magnetic Stirrers


P/N: 505-40000-00
Stirring and heating with full control

In our proven Hei-PLATE magnetic stirrer line, the Hei-Connect combines gentle stirring (up to 1,400 rpm) with a precise heating function (up to 300 °C). Unique in its robust design and secure functionality, this model stands out with additional features giving you complete control and an easy, accurate documentation of your process parameters.

Overhead Stirrers


P/N: 501-60410-00
Heidolph's lightest overhead stirrer is here - with a torque of 40 Ncm!
Thanks to its weight of 2.3 kg, the Hei-TORQUE Core is easier to carry than the other models and can be mounted on a stand and/or in various closed systems. However, this does not mean that this stirrer will be less powerful.

Shakers & Mixers


P/N: 543-12310-00
The one with temperature-control and a maximum loading capacity of 5 kg
This shaker can be integrated into the modular incubation system, and it is therefore ideal for all temperature-controlled shaking tasks.
In addition, it is possible to operate several shakers of this size in one climate chamber. We recommend climate chambers made by Memmert.

Peristaltic Pumps


P/N: 523-50010-00
This peristaltic pump is ideal for the simple conveying of all media. The pump drive of this model makes it possible to switch between a single channel and multi-channel pump head. By simply flipping the switch, it can also be conveyed in an anti-clockwise direction.