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Ultrasonic Cleaning Units

Elmasonic P
The most professional way to use ultrasound

Multi-frequency units with 37 kHz and 80 kHz, available in 6 different sizes for typical and difficult analysing and cleaning applications
7 special ultrasonic features and intuitive, user-friendly operation display
power-controlled ultrasound with high energy density for difficult applications (low frequency) or gentle and quiet for the cleaning of capillaries and small items (high frequency)

Elmasonic P with multi-frequency

The units of the Elmasonic P ultrasonic series are ideal helpers for all applications in analytical and medical laboratories as well as for applications in the industrial production. 6 different unit sizes are available. The practical units are easy to operate with a clearly arranged display showing all set and actual parameters. Several special features make the units perfect for intensive cleaning applications and for laboratory jobs.

Elmasonic P 60 H
Ultrasonic cleaning unit

The Elmasonic P is the ideal unit for professional application in analytical and medical laboratories and in industrial production processes.The unit series consists of 6 different unit sizes with tank capacities ranging from 2.75 to 28 litre. Microprocessor-controlled ultrasonic cleaning with multi-frequency technology (37/80 kHz) and special features are perfect for intensive cleaning tasks and laboratory applications. As the units are more powerful than standard ultrasonic cleaning units, and the ultrasonic power can be reduced electronically depending on the cleaning task.

Ultrasonic cleaning unit